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Welcome to Weltzien Skypark, the flying community and home of Northern Ohio’s largest Flight School. (Skypark is a Part 61 operation).

Weltzien Skypark is a privately owned airport that is open to the public. The address is 3071 Greenwich Road, Wadsworth, Ohio 44281 which is 35 driving miles south of Cleveland, Ohio.  The phone number is 330-334-9921 and email is

1. If you’d like to learn to fly–or have questions about what’s involved, you can take a one-time, 30 minute flight for $65 to see if flying is for you.  A Certified Flight Instructor will be the pilot.  Come out to the airport anytime between 8:00am – 9:00pm, call 330-334-9921 or email to make arrangements.  (It’s a great gift! If you phone, please leave a message, we might be out flying!)

2. Skypark rents Cessna 150s, 152s, 172s and a 182 with retractable landing gear.  All aircraft are rented “wet” which means the fuel is included in the hourly cost. All rates are subject to change.

–Rental rates for members (membership is $84 per year):  Cessna 150 is $64 per flight hour; Cessna 152 is $67 per flight hour; Cessna 172 is $89 per flight hour, and the Cessna 182 with retractable landing gear is $152 per flight hour.

–Ground/Flight Instruction averages $25 per clock hour.

–There are no minimum flight hours per day if the aircraft is rented for multiple consecutive days.

3. We’re running an Instrument Ground School this summer.  It will run Tuesday nights from 31 May thru 2 August.  Each class will be 90 minutes with a start time of 6:30 pm.  Cost is $180.  Contact us at or 330-334-9921 if interested!

4.  Back by popular demand is Private Pilot Ground School.  Classes begin Monday night 6 June at 6:30pm and run till 9:00pm.  Contact the office to sign up ahead of time–or just show up, and we’ll get you registered.  The last day of class is 22 August; the cost is $150.

5.  Summer celebration is Sunday 26 June–mark your calendars now and don’t miss it!!

See you at the airport!