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Policies and Procedures

You should read these policies and procedures if...

1.      You rent Skypark aircraft

2.      You conduct aircraft operations at Skypark

You should NOT read this manual if...

1.      You are a member of the "Condo Association" seeking clarification on administrative matters.

2.      You are seeking guidance on conducting business with Skypark



1.      Each Skypark member will have a "flying account".  Monies in the flying account will be used to pay for flight time (i.e. aircraft rental).

2.      A flying account can be funded via cash, personal check or credit card. (Bad check charges will be charged to the writer of the bad check).

3.      Closing or withdrawing money from your flying account is subject to the following...

a.      Withdrawing less than $1,000 requires 30 days written notification.

b.      Withdrawing more than $1,000 but less than $10,000 requires 90 days written notification.

c.      Withdrawing more than $10,000 requires 180 days written notification.

4.      Flying accounts can be funded by any amount you choose, however...

a.      A payment of $300 or more gets you the full/best membership rate on aircraft rental. (17% discount of transient rate).

b.      A payment of more $150 and less than $300 receives a partial discount (9% discount of transient rate).

c.      A payment of less than $150 gets no discount.


(Credit Cards in contract with Skypark will receive the full discount. Expect Phillips 66 Credit Cards to get full discount in July 2017).
For example, you put in $300 dollars into your account with a credit card; you will receive a 14.5% discount of the transient rate.

6.      Payments used to get your account "to the good" will not receive a discount. E.g., your flying account is $180 "in the red", then the first $180 that gets you back to "even" does not receive any discount.



1)      Any person that puts a Skypark aircraft in motion shall carry aircraft rental insurance. (Yes, this includes all ground operations; even engine off.)

a.      The amount of hull insurance carried by PIC will be determined by the type of aircraft flown.  Skypark Inc. will determine those amounts; inquire at office.



1.      All Aircraft Operations will be in accordance with the Federal Aviation Regulations. All Aircraft and Pilots shall have the appropriate credentials as outlined in the Federal Aviation Regulations.

2.      Any pilot renting Skypark aircraft shall have a flight checkout with a Skypark authorized Certified Flight Instructor; this flight checkout shall ensure that the operator/renter can safely land and takeoff from Skypark.  This flight checkout shall be a logbook entry for the operator/renter.

3.      All cross country flying that involves the aircraft absent from Skypark for more than 18 hours or over 2 calendar days must be approved by Skypark Inc.  The cost of the cross country is computed by hours accrued on the Hobbs meter.  (You can rent "wet" or "dry" rate).  You do not pay for the aircraft while it sits.

4.      Cross country flights of more than 200 Nautical Miles from Skypark shall be conducted by a Pilot with more than 100 hours PIC in airplanes.

5.      Rental of a Complex aircraft requires 200 hours PIC time in airplanes, an Instrument Rating and Skypark authorization.

6.      All final approaches to Skypark shall result in a full stop landing OR a GO-AROUND.  TOUCH AND GO'S ARE PROHIBITED. (As delineated in the FAA Chart Supplement).

7.      Skypark aircraft shall land before the runway's halfway mark (yellow stripe) AND should be in a full-stall condition.  Not meeting these conditions increases landing risk! When in doubt GO AROUND!

8.      The calm wind runway is 21.

9.      No pattern flying at Skypark shall be conducted between the hours of Midnight and 7a.m.  A single takeoff or landing is authorized during those hours.

10.   All ground operations shall be conducted at less than 10 miles per hour.

11.   All persons flying in Skypark Aircraft AND less than 18 years of age shall have written permission of their parents/guardian on file with Skypark Inc.

12.   Transient overnight parking cost $10.

13.   Unless prior arrangements are made, aircraft shall be chocked and tied down at the completion of its flight.

14.   Aircraft not tied down shall be chocked at all times.

15.   During inclement weather the taxiway may not be useable. When in doubt, taxi on the runway.

16.   Runway lights are radio activated.  Skypark uses the FAA standard; however the light intensity is not variable.