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                       3071 GREENWICH ROAD
                       WADSWORTH, OH 44281

The 2024 Private Pilot Ground School will be conducted in the Skypark Community 
Classroom and will consist of one session a week for 15 weeks. The class will be given 
on  Saturday mornings at 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. 

The Ground School will begin on Saturday, January 13, 2024. The cost of the course is 
$150.  The course is $50. and the books will cost $100.
The classes are as follows:

Saturday          Lesson Plan 
Jan 13              Basic Aerodynamics

Jan 20              Finish Basic Aerodynamics
Jsn 27              Aircraft Systems
Feb 3               Flight Instruments (Part 1)
Feb 10             Flight Instruments (Part 2)
Feb 17             Regulations (part 1)
Feb 24             Regulations (part 2)
Mar 2               Airport Markings; Airspace 
Mar 9               Weather Theory
Mar 16             Weather Services
lMar 23            Weight & Balance; Performance
Mar 30             Cross County Planning
Apr 6               Communications & Navigation
Apr 13             Human Factors 
Apr 20            Test

To enroll in this class, please fill out the form below with a check for appropriate amount 
and mail prior to January 13,.2024.

Skypark, Inc., Private Pilot Ground School, 3071 Greenwich Road, Wadsworth, OH 44281. 

Please enter information for our records. 
Name _________________________________
City ___________________________________
Phone _________________________________
Email __________________________________


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